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Condensation on the Surface of Window Glass Inside Your Home

May 15, 2023BlogNo Comments »

When it comes to condensation on window glass inside your home, there are two types. The first is condensation that appears between the glass panes inside the sealed unit. If that happens, that means the seal holding two glass panes together is no longer intact, and is allowing rain and elements to get inside, greatly reducing the efficiency of the window. If this happened to your window, you should look to replace your window or the glass unit as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary energy losses.

If the condensation occurs inside your house on the surface of the glass, that means the humidity inside is on the high side. No matter how efficient the glass unit is, its efficiency is still going to be a little lower compared to the efficiency of the wall. As such, the glass surface will always be slightly cooler than the surface of the wall, and any excess humidity in the air will be captured by the cooler glass surface. This problem is less pronounced with triple pane glass units, although it is still possible to observe condensation on colder days.

To avoid condensation on your glass units, you should always set the humidity levels to the recommended settings corresponding to the outside temperature.

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