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The Importance of Proper Windows and Doors Installation

May 14, 2023BlogNo Comments »

The most common problems experienced by windows and doors customers do not arise from the quality of the windows or doors themselves, but rather from incorrect or incomplete installation techniques.

Below we will list some common mistakes people make when installing their own windows and doors, or hire an amateur for the job.

1. Windows are not in level. It could mean the right bottom corner is not on the same level as the left bottom corner or all 4 corners are slightly off. It is important not to use studs as a guide, because the stud could have shifted as the house settled. That is why it is important to level the window, and support it using shims during the installation.

2. Inadequate or improper spray foam. Spray foam forms an excellent barrier against the elements, but it has to be applied properly in order to be effective. Inadequate application will cause drafts rendering the window replacement project useless.

3. Improper hardware adjustments. As a window is installed, it may shift from side to side requiring the hardware to be adjusted. Improper or no adjustments, will cause the windows to operate poorly, leading to an early breakdown.

There are many more nuances when it comes to properly installing windows and doors, that is why it is important to hire a professional for the job.

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